Why The World Needs Another Marketing Agency

Oct 16, 2015

Allow us to introduce… ourselves. We’re Stout Heart and we’re new around here. Why should you care? Well, we’ll tell you. We took a look around us and realized that there are marketing agencies that produce great creative work and advertising agencies that claim bragging rights for their development expertise but that there are very few shops out there that form their foundation with the relationships they build with their clients. And isn’t that where great works starts, after all? With the relationship? We certainly think so.

So, we’re a little bit different. And we’re good with that. Here’s what give us our edge:

An agency founded in Account Service. Stout Heart’s founder is an account service professional by trade and instinct and, because of this, the agency’s model is relationship-oriented and business-minded. We look for clients who will treat us as a partner and expect the same. And, since the best creative work begins with comprehensive, solid planning, Stout Heart’s creative output grows from this stable foundation.

Expert personnel. Stout Heart strives to put the best people under one roof. This means experienced agency personnel with positive attitudes and no egos. People with a genuine passion for problem solving. Stout Heart mentors employees internally, making room for them to learn and grow together. We treat our people well.

Size. Where many agencies seek to grow infinitely, Stout Heart intends to grow conservatively. Stout Heart’s smaller size keeps it flexible and nimble- a significant benefit to its clients.

Work. Creative, well-executed work is the product at stake. Stout Heart prioritizes relationships with clients who respect the agency’s goal of smart, effective work. We stand up for what we think is good and what we think is… the opposite. And we’ll tell you what we think without fear. If you’re paying for expertise, that’s what you should get.

Location. Downtown Portsmouth, NH is a surprising hotbed of marketing and technology business activity. Located a short hour north of Boston and an hour south of Portland, ME, it is a growing community with an abundance of smart, creative professionals who fell in love with life on the seacoast of New Hampshire. We don’t live in big cities because we’ve been there and done that. And it’s possible that we’re just suckers for a good clam chowder.

That’s us in a nutshell. Like what you saw here? Think we could be friends? Want to get to know us better? Reach out! We’re always up for coffee and good conversation. And if you see us on the street, give us a smile or a wave. We’re the new kid, remember? This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey.