Thank you for your time and consideration. We are excited about the opportunity to have a conversation about how we could be a valued partner to Tribe. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves:

Be Brave

A marketing agency with heart can
build a world of opportunity

(stout-härt) adj
1. brave and resolute; dauntless

Stout Heart is a full-service creative marketing agency located in Portsmouth, NH. We do everything from brand identity, content strategy, and social, to web design and media. We are a tight-knit group of professionals with experience in industries and agencies of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day we love a challenge, large or small. Bring it on.

About Us


We look to establish long term relationships with organizations that want to grow with us and who operate on an ideology similar to ours: creating good, giving back. We look for the work that inspires us, and when we find it, we invest our experience, our people, and our hearts in the work. Because when the day ends, it’s not just another project.


Small by choice

Where many agencies seek to grow indefinitely, Stout Heart is small by design. Our small size keeps us flexible and nimble, and allows us to provide our clients with the most personalized service possible. Our team was built carefully, and we’ve put the best people under one roof with egos that are checked at the door. Rest assured that we would never parade an “a-team” in front of you just to give you the “b-team” behind the scenes. The team that you would meet with would be the team dedicated to your account, always.

Mariah Morgan



Jared Smallridge


Senior Developer

Anneliese Brosch


Account Supervisor


Senior Art Director


Business Developer



Stout Heart was founded by account service professionals, so we know that great work does not start with the creative process. Great work starts when an agency and its client work as a team to ensure that shared knowledge and strategy guide the creative. We aim to act as a true partner to our clients, operating with authenticity, integrity, and courage. The relationship, both external and internal, always comes first.


How we work

Stout Heart is not a dog-and-pony-show sort of place. In fact, quite the opposite: we prefer to pull the curtain back from the agency process and let you in. This takes some of the glamour out of the process but it means that we, the agency and client together, have a better shot at being on the same page from the very start. We recognize that this approach may not be for everyone and we’re okay with that.



Richardson Media Group is our in-house media partner. They get involved at the very inception of a marketing effort, facilitating strategic discovery designed to inform the goals of the campaign. While each media campaign is unique, every one is comprised of three phases; strategic media planning, media campaign preparation, and campaign management.

Our Work

Featured work

(Please note: we’re in the process of redesigning our own site, so not all of our most recent work is on our “work” page. Additional samples of work can be made available upon request.)

We would love to talk more specifically about the challenges you’re facing, what your goals are, and how Stout Heart could help you accomplish them.


Feel free to call us at 603-319-8034, or shoot an e-mail to [email protected]. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!


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