It’s That Time of Year: Give Me My PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte)

Oct 19, 2017

October is finally here and the weather still seems to be in summer mode. There has yet to be a cold crisp morning where you throw on a cozy sweater and crave that infamous pumpkin spiced latte.

As I look now, the upcoming forecast won’t even drop below sixty degrees. It is an unspoken rule of fall that you can’t actually drink it until the temperature lowers. Who wants to drink a hot beverage in the 80-degree heat anyway?

I see that leaves are falling to the ground and I even see rows of pumpkins perched on bails of hay on my way to work, but am I ready to commit to drinking it yet…no. The AC is still on full blast and drips of sweat swivel down my face as I walk down the brick stone sidewalks of Portsmouth. So no, I will not start being “basic” quite yet. Where am I hoping to go get my PSL in the seacoast area once this season starts acting like fall? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Starbucks – The OG of PSL. Definitely must make the homage here to celebrate the delicious innovation.
  2. Dunkin Donuts – As a New Englander it is vital to have the fall favorite here. And it is also important to pair it with pumpkin flavored munchkins!
  3. Breaking New Grounds – Nothing beats relaxing and sipping on your PSL like doing it at BNG. The cozy atmosphere goes along lovely with the warm beverage.
  4. Aroma Joes – Native to New Hampshire, Aroma Joes has PSL so rich in flavor and sweetness it’s a must have!
  5. The Coffee Station – Also referred to as the “Hut”, because that is exactly what it is -a small drive up establishment located off of Rt 108 in Newmarket. Don’t let its size fool you, because it is jam packed with flavor!

My mouth is watering thinking about all of these places. I am simply begging New England to get back to the cold weather I know it is more than capable of doing so. Where are those cold nights at Fenway where the Red Sox fight to make it to the World Series (oh wait, too soon?) or people bundling up as they watch Tom Brady and the Patriots pull off unbelievable wins? New England I am not asking for much. I would just appreciate it if I could swap my flip flops for LL Bean Boots already. It’s October I think it’s time we have the right to start drinking our pumpkin spiced latte in comfort.

Want to grab a latte with us to chat about your next project? Feel free reach out to us at any time. We always welcome a good coffee break!