University of New Hampshire

College of Life Sciences  & Agriculture

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The University of New Hampshire’s College of Life Sciences & Agriculture (COLSA) is one of eleven schools under the university’s umbrella. Serving undergraduate and graduate students, COLSA offers extensive programming, ranging from molecular biology to veterinary science to forestry and nutrition. Students come to COLSA seeking preparation for career paths in sustainable fields. Leading edge research and hands-on experiences, combined with practical skill building in the lab and in the field give students a firm foundation for their future.

Print ad for UNH COLSA with headline "Expand your field of study"
Print ad for UNH COLSA with headline "The world is your classroom"
Print ad for UNH COLSA with headline "We're big fans of learning in the field"

Campaign Objective & Implementation

Stout Heart and our media planning partners at Richardson Media Group were hired as a team to build a year-long paid media campaign designed to raise awareness for COLSA within the state of New Hampshire, encouraging early stage inquiries bringing them to the top of the enrollment funnel.

In order to accomplish this, Stout Heart developed a campaign concept focused on the unique, hands-on learning experiences that COLSA students have access too. It’s not unusual to find them in a forest, a lab, a garden, or in a barn, changing the definition of classroom learning. “The World Is Your Classroom” was the resulting campaign creative theme, which was applied beautifully to digital banners, radio streaming spots, paid social placements, a campaign landing page, and targeted email drip campaigns.

Instgram ad for UNH COLSA with headline "The world is your classroom"

Campaign Outcomes

While still in its early stages, we have already seen an uptick in landing page visits, form fills and measurable engagement (clicks and views) with the various ads included in the undergraduate and influencer media campaigns.

UNH COLSA Recruitment Campaign Landing Page with headline "Here, the world is your classroom"