Skyline College

Marketing Toolkit


Skyline College, a public community college in San Bruno, CA, received a grant to fund research and marketing for its automotive technology programs, which feed many of the automotive industry jobs in the Bay Area. In partnership with Clearworks, who completed a lengthy research project to identify target audiences, competitors, and appropriate messaging strategies, Stout Heart was responsible for developing a marketing toolkit that would allow Skyline College’s internal marketing team to create marketing campaigns for the automotive technology programs that would be on-brand and on-message. This required creating a “brand within a brand” for the automotive technology department so that its marketing lived in harmony with the college’s branding but still provided beneficial marketing that spoke to its specific target audiences.

The marketing toolkit was provided to Skyline College with a full set of templates and guidelines so that the internal marketing team would need to do little heavylifting to produce the assets needed for any campaign. Additionally, Stout Heart provided general marketing strategy and recommendations in a marketing plan to be executed over the course of a year by the internal college marketing team.