Piscataqua Savings Bank

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Piscataqua Savings Bank is a mutual savings bank dedicated to providing financial services and support to members of the Portsmouth community. It is a very rare case of a community bank “walking the walk” in its approach to business. Piscataqua Savings Bank is the oldest Portsmouth bank and is devoted to the citizens of the Seacoast community and is also a Certified B Corp. Stout Heart is Piscataqua Savings Bank’s Agency of Record, serving all ongoing marketing needs and, most notably, partnering on its recent brand refresh.

Piscataqua Savings Bank Brand Refresh
Piscataqua Savings Bank Brand Refresh
Piscataqua Savings Bank Business Card Design

Launching a Brand Refresh Without Rocking the Boat

Because Piscataqua Savings Bank is an institution in its community, serving as the town’s oldest financial institution at 150 years in business, it wanted to be mindful of how the brand refresh was rolled out publicly. People can be averse to change and… bankers? Even more so. Because of this, Stout Heart helped develop a video explaining the brand refresh and a digital and traditional brand awareness marketing campaign utilizing the refreshed Piscataqua Savings Bank brand but also reminding viewers that it always has been and always will be a community bank. Stout Heart partnered with long-time friends and media experts, Richardson Media Group, for strategic media planning and placement.

Revamping Kids’ Bank

When Stout Heart began its relationship with Piscataqua Savings Bank, the bank let us know that they wanted to prioritize revitalizing their Kids’ Bank, a program meant to teach financial literacy to kids of all ages. In order to bring Kids’ bank up to speed, we started with its branding, ensuring that it jived with the Piscataqua Savings Bank brand refresh but appealed to all age groups (and creating subbrands for the different age groups within Kids’ Bank). Once this was complete, Stout Heart also helped to create a wealth of fun activities and worksheets for kids.

Evolving A Successful Campaign

After a successful brand refresh and brand awareness campaign, Stout Heart and Piscataqua Savings Bank turned our gaze to refreshing creative out in the wild. With a growing number of banks attempting to gain a foothold in the Seacoast community, Piscataqua’s priority was reminding its customers and locals that they have always been a community-focused bank in the heart of Portsmouth. As always, Stout Heart worked with long-time friends and partners at Richardson Media Group to plan and execute a strategic and efficient campaign.