New Hampshire Businesses For Social Responsibility

Website Design & Development


New Hampshire Businesses For Social Responsibility (NHBSR) is a membership-based nonprofit with over 200 members, primarily in New Hampshire, but also in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. The organization strives to expand the tent under which all businesses within the area feel welcome to engage, regardless of how far they are on their sustainability journey.

NHBSR’s mission is to convene, inspire and support businesses and their community stakeholders to improve our workplaces, our communities and the environment. They do this with hybrid learning opportunities, both virtual and in-person, developed by their staff and collaborators, so the ability to promote these opportunities in a compelling way on their website is incredibly important.

On top of this, one of NHBSR’s strategic goals is movement building – broadening and deepening participation from the business community in the adoption of sustainability practices, along with advocacy for social responsibility issues. In order to achieve these goals, NHBSR turned to Stout Heart for website design and development.

Website Design Approach

Knowing that NHBSR has an awareness and education challenge (many in New England have not yet heard of the organization and, if they have, they often have a tough time understanding what the organization does), Stout Heart approached the strategic planning for the NHBSR website with care. Our team designed and built a website that would ensure there were plenty of opportunities to teach the user about NHBSR’s purpose, as many touch points as possible to explain the benefits of an NHBSR membership, and a fully fleshed out section on the website for NHBSR’s numerous programs and events with plenty of flexibility. The result is a site that sports a seriously improved user experience and truly tells the story of New Hampshire Businesses For Social Responsibility.