Goodwin Family Management

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Goodwin Family Management, most notable for being the parent brand behind The Friendly Toast, Goodwin Recruiting, and Donut Love, among other awesome New Hampshire businesses, approached Stout Heart with a unique challenge. The parent company has always laid low but knew that it was time to develop its own brand and design a website to go with it that would educate users about its approach to business ownership. With that in mind, Stout Heart created a brand identity for Goodwin Family Management that both builds credibility and gives a nod to the liveliness of some of the brands within its diverse portfolio of businesses. The Goodwin Family Management website design also achieves this goal, providing more information about the work GFM does and the businesses that it operates.

Goodwin Family Management Logos on white and gray backgrounds
Goodwin Family Management logo on blue backgrounds
Screenshot from Goodwin Family Management Brand Guidelines
Mocked up Goodwin Family Management business card design