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Blake Street Group, a boutique leadership advisory firm, had a brand and website that didn’t align with the types of clients they partner with or the services that they provide. The firm works with investors, boards, and venture capital firms by weaving themselves into their client’s organizations and helping them achieve their objectives through the analysis of existing and potential talent. Stout Heart has created a brand for Blake Street Group that quickly communicates their professionalism, expertise and the value they bring to their clients.

Blake Street Group Logo Design

The main mark of the logo illustrates Blake Street’s ability to integrate themselves into the fabric of an organization in order to enact positive, meaningful change. The intersecting diagonal lines communicate a sense of synergy- the idea that the cooperation of two or more organizations produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of the separate parts. The mark is strong enough to stand on it’s own or with the company name.

Blake Street Group letterhead mockup
Blake Street Group Logo Design
Blake Street Group Brand Design

The application of the branding leaves a generous amount of white space, uses colors and typography that straddle the line between corporate and approachable, and employs strict grid systems. On a more subliminal level, designing on a grid evokes a feeling of organization and order, which reinforces the brand’s main values.

Blake Street Group Logo Design
Logo Usage_Brand Guidelines
Brand Design_Color Palette
Brand Design_Photography
Logo Usage_Brand Guidelines
Brand Design_Color Palette
Brand Design_Iconography

Website- Before

Screenshot of Website "before"

Aside from feeling dated, the old site did not effectively communicate the value that Blake Street Group could bring to prospective clients. Many of the great services that BSG provides their clients were getting lost. After an extensive content audit, the messaging was simplified, and the site was organized in a way that is much more user-friendly. It was extremely important that users got a profound feeling of organization while visiting the site. By doing this, prospective clients could feel the brand’s value rather than BSG over communicating it in the messaging.

Website redesign "after"
Brand Design_Blake Street Group
Website Design_Blake Street Group

“The Stout Heart team is great to work with; they blend outstanding technical skills, unique design capability, and a fun, friendly (and tolerant) client service mentality.”

Andy Rourke

Managing Director, Blake Street Group