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Barefoot medical spa, based in Stratham, NH, is the only salon in the area that is run by a doctor. Typically, anyone who has a fungal infection, poor blood supply, diabetic nails, or any other foot-related medical condition is turned away from regular salons. Barefoot Medical Spa created a place for people with medical conditions to get pedicures and/or seek treatment from a podiatrist in an approachable, relaxing environment. Barefoot Medical Spa is not just reserved for those with a medical condition, it’s also open to anyone looking for a professional, medically-sterilized experience.

The task for Stout Heart was to create a brand that reflects the expertise of Barefoot’s staff, while communicating a sense of cleanliness and credibility.

Barefoot_logo Design
Barefoot_logo Design

The main mark shows a stylized letter “B” with the shape of a leaf represented in the negative space, a symbol for renewal, revival, and health. The “B” is clean and simple, has a sense of clarity at a variety of sizes and applications, and is strong enough to stand on its own. A san serif typeface was chosen for the word “Barefoot” for a clean and modern look, but was paired with a serif typeface to communicate balance and professionalism.

Colors were chosen to reflect those found in nature, and a series of unique gradients were created to elicit a sense of energy and fluid movement.

Barefoot business card mockup
Barefoot Medical Spa Brand Design
Barefoot Medical Spa Brand Design

“When we decided to open Barefoot Medical Spa, we knew that we were tackling a huge task in educating potential clients about our services. Creating Barefoot meant that we were breaking two distinct business models in footcare – spa pedicures and podiatry nail care –  improving upon both and creating a new model. We knew that we would need a creative, thoughtful and agile partner for our branding and our website design. We knew we would need a team that ‘got’ us and our mission and could help us articulate it. We found that and more in Stout Heart. “

Mary Pat Dolan

Co-Owner, Barefoot Medical Spa