Bravery is a word rarely associated with the advertising industry. Yet it is, unequivocally, essential to leadership. In fact, Aristotle famously called courage the “first virtue”.

Post-recession, the advertising agency world has changed significantly and exposed the scarcity of this important quality. Uncertainty has perforated the agency-client relationship. Agencies, driven by fear, fall into a pattern of reactionary action, doing as they are told, rather than consulting with clients as equals and partners. Stout Heart is founded on the principle that bravery and spirit can turn the status quo of the advertising agency world on its head.

More often than not, advertising agencies are founded by creative people. Stout Heart’s founder is an account service professional by trade and instinct and, because of this, the agency’s model is relationship-oriented and business-minded. And, since the best creative work begins with comprehensive, solid planning, Stout Heart’s creative output flourishes from this stable foundation.

Here are a few more things that make us different:

Expert personnel. Stout Heart strives to put the best people under one roof. This means experienced agency personnel with positive attitudes and egos that are checked at the door. Our teammates have a genuine passion for problem solving and are a pleasure to work with.

Small by choice. Where many agencies seek to grow infinitely, Stout Heart is small by design. This enables us to provide personalized service to a limited, but carefully chosen, client list. Stout Heart’s smaller size keeps us flexible and nimble- a significant benefit to our clients.

Process. An agency founded by account service professionals is an agency founded in process. In an attempt to keep agency and clients on the same page, Stout Heart has a well-established process that hasn’t lost its ability to adapt to individual client needs.

Work. Creative, well-executed work is our priority. We like a challenge and we tackle each and every one as an opportunity to bring an outside-of-the-box solution to the world.

Franklin Savings Bank – Annual Report

Franklin Savings Bank, a mutually-owned, community savings bank based out of Franklin, NH, hired Stout Heart as their Agency of Record in 2017. Franklin Savings Bank challenged Stout Heart  with furthering its brand by creating fun, engaging, and interesting marketing materials while staying within its current brand guidelines. Stout Heart is responsible for all of Franklin Savings Bank’s marketing creative, from print ads, to digital banners, to radio ads, billboards, and beyond.

Measured Air Performance – Collateral 

Measured Air Performance came to Stout Heart while still in the process of funding their venture, the creation of technology to monitor lab and factory building fans to save energy. They needed to create an eye-catching collateral piece to showcase a very technical product. This brochure was the result of this collaboration and Stout Heart continues to help Measured Air with their marketing needs while they grow. They are currently in the running for NH Startup of the Year Award.

Independence Financial Advisors – Direct Mail Piece

Independence Financial Advisors’ past client communications were formatted on branded letterhead. IFA came to Stout Heart in the hope that we could help develop a more engaging piece of collateral to help onboard new clients and remind them of the breadth of IFA’s services.

Prime Buchholz – Website Redesign (Launching in October 2018)

Prime Buchholz is an investment consulting firm based in Portsmouth with offices in Boston and Atlanta. The majority of their investment work is done for community foundations, hospitals, university endowments, and nonprofits. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase their unique approach and ability to do good through their financial expertise. The new Prime Buchholz website will go live in early October 2018. Stout Heart also collaborated on a pitch book and internal and external document templates for Prime Buchholz.

Alnoba – Website Redesign

Stout Heart had the pleasure of partnering with the great folks over at Alnoba, a property built to promote mission-driven and nonprofit gatherings, at the beginning of this year. Our objective was to represent the mindful approach that Alnoba takes through all that it does, including its architecture, art, food, and outdoor areas. The Alnoba team had such a great experience with the Stout Heart team that we are in discussions to redesign several other website properties for them.