Make cool shit. Enjoy your day. Get paid.

You can’t ask for loyalty without first giving it. The Stout Heart team is made up of experienced marketing professionals that are as dedicated to Stout Heart as Stout Heart is to them. We look for driven people with a can-do attitude, people who come from all walks of life.

We are a tight-knit crew and many of us have worked in positions where we felt we were just a cog in the advertising agency machine. Because of this, we tiptoe through the hiring process. When you spend your workday with people, it’s important that you like them.

Open Positions

We currently do not have any open positions, but we would still love to hear from you. We’re always on the look out for smart, talented, kind people – so whether you’re looking for a full-time, freelance, or internship opportunity, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Senior Art Director/Creative Lead

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Stout Heart fully respects your lives outside of work and believes that it’s less about work-life-balance and more about creating a life where work fits into the picture. Sound like your kind of place? We haven’t even gotten to the good parts yet…


Our people have the option to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays. It’s a nice perk that allows employees to live anywhere from Portland, ME to Boston, MA.


Memorial Day – Labor Day the Stouthearted have half-day Fridays [workload dependent]. This allows us to enjoy our families and the summer sun while it shines here in New England.


Because our people are the heart of our organization, we always want them, and their families, to be well taken care of. Stout Heart offers competitive healthcare, including dental and vision packages. We don’t skimp in this department.


Want to improve your career skills? Sign up for a class and we’ll cover part of it. We’ll even take it a step further. Want to learn something totally new? Printmaking? Jiu jitsu? Bonsai tree care? We’ll rack it up to a positive mental health move and offer the same financial support as any marketing or advertising-related coursework.


Yes. You read right. Be responsible. Take what you need and all will be well. We actually require that every team member take a full week of vacation time every year. We don’t care if you go sit on your couch in your pajamas for seven days- just go take a break.


Stout Heart is closed between Christmas and New Year’s every year as well as the week of the 4th of July. We also respect school calendar holidays and are closed the day before Thanksgiving. After all, someone has to attend to all that meal prep.


Every employee gets a Mac because, let’s be serious, we’re an ad agency. In order to do the best work, you need the best equipment.


It’s not often that a small agency can offer a 401K to its employees but, like we said, our employees are our biggest asset. We believe in taking care of yourself and your finances are a part of that.

The rules we live by

Be A Jerk


Sounds pretty simple, but it’s our unofficial #1 rule. We’re all about relationships. It’s pretty tough to keep up a good relationship when one (or multiple) people are being disrespectful, intimidating or rude. If we’re going to be a team, everyone needs a voice. After all, we’re a team of humans here.

Don't Work
with jerks


If one party is unhappy, the quickest way to a resolution is a frank, open discussion. We’re not in the business of being order-takers or talked down to. We’re in the business of partnership, creativity and innovation. Our clients are fun to work with and their brands help make the world a better place, however large or small that impact may be.

Don't Let The
Team Down


Work-life balance can be a real thing. It exists. We promise. Stout Heart stands by the fact that as long as clients are happy and high-quality work is getting done on schedule, no one cares if you have to leave early or take some time off. Life gets in the way: Cats have to go to the vet; Kids have to be picked up from daycare; Cars need to go to the shop; Waves aren’t going to surf themselves. We understand these things and as long as you don’t let the team down, we’re cool with it.