Brave Brands

Brave Brands

What is a
Brave Brand?


We live in a world where brands try to be everything to everyone. A brave brand is a brand that strays away from this thought process, that takes chances but never loses sight of who they are or what they believe in.

What Do
We Know?


From day one, Stout Heart has lived by the motto, “Be Brave”. Stout Heart was established in 2015 as a bold, full-service marketing and design agency on a mission to stand up for our beliefs. We look for long-term relationships with organizations that want to grow with us and who operate on an ideology similar to ours: creating good, giving back. But what does it mean to be an agency with heart?

  • We put good into the universe.
  • We do work that we believe in.
  • We work with brands we believe in.

When evaluating a prospective client, we look for a majority of the following criteria:

  • Does their brand do good?
  • Is their team made up of good people?
  • Will we do good work together?

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