March 12th, 2019

Nonprofit Marketing: What Makes It Unique & Why Stout Heart Does Its Best to Make It Accessible

After graduating from Leadership Seacoast, my eyes were opened to the number of nonprofits fighting for the same funding. In the “Live Free or Die” state, where government-funded social services are fairly limited, nonprofits are incredibly important to our communities. They support the physical and mental well-being of our citizens, ensure that arts and culture… Read more »

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March 7th, 2019

Five Questions for the Stouthearted

Want a peek behind the curtain? Here’s your chance to get to know our spirit animals, our favorite songs of the moment, and much, much more. Speaking of more, there’s more where this post came from so send us your burning questions for the next installment of: Five Questions for the Stouthearted. Name: Kyle “Cyle”… Read more »

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February 27th, 2019

Plan Your Winter Escape to Portsmouth, NH

We get it. You work too much, you’re sick of the schedule and the routine, and you want to get away. Planning anything more than a night or two is just a big, “no thanks”. You want to go somewhere that’s easy to get to, has some stuff going on, and is Insta-worthy (yes I… Read more »

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December 15th, 2018

How An Attempt To Cross The Street Changed My Life

On the morning of November 13, I remember thinking to myself that the streets of Portsmouth were unusually quiet. I was the only person walking down Hanover as I wandered into work and there were very few cars on the road. I looked both ways before crossing the street at the intersection of Market, Hanover,… Read more »

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June 14th, 2018

Guest Post: Three Reasons To Take a Multi-Layered Media Approach

Once a business decides to invest in a paid media advertising campaign, the next question is usually, “Now what do we do?” Especially if a company has never advertised before, the sheer number of media outlets can be overwhelming. Because we’re all media consumers in our daily lives it’s natural to fall back on the… Read more »

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