Banking & Investment Marketing that connects with your customers more closely than ever.

Banking and Investment Marketing Can Have Heart Too

Just because you’re talking about numbers doesn’t mean that emotions are stripped from your conversation with prospective customers. If anything, consumers are more sensitive now to bringing humanity to their dollars. What does an investment do for the world? How does personal and business banking change a life for the better? Your story can answer these questions.

Stout Heart is a full-service marketing agency made up of a team of well-versed advertising professionals with background in a diverse roster of industries. We have significant experience in the finance, banking, and investment world but believe in the importance of approaching each client with fresh eye and unique attention to the details of each individual client’s objectives.

We work with mission-aligned businesses- those who are doing good in the world. Community banking and mission-aligned investing fall comfortably within this realm. Read on for a taste of our work and a bit about our philosophy.


Our Work

Piscataqua Savings Bank

Agency of Record

Piscataqua Savings Bank is a mutual savings bank dedicated to providing financial services and support to members of the Portsmouth community. It is a very rare case of a community bank “walking the walk” in its approach to business. Piscataqua Savings Bank is the oldest Portsmouth bank and is devoted to the citizens of the Seacoast community and is also a Certified B Corp. Stout Heart is Piscataqua Savings Bank’s Agency of Record, serving all ongoing marketing needs and, most notably, partnering on its recent brand refresh.

Prime Buchholz

Website Redesign | Collateral Overhaul

Prime Buchholz was established in 1988 and has grown to become a leading, completely independent investment consulting firm advising more than 250 institutional clients. They were one of the first investment consulting firms to develop in-depth expertise in alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and real assets. Prime Buchholz’s clients include educational endowments, private and public foundations, cultural and faith-based organizations, healthcare and insurance organizations, pension plans, and high-net-worth families. Prime Buchholz was aware that their brand and, as a result, their website looked dated and nondescript at the time that they approached Stout Heart for a website redesign and development project.

The goal for this project was to differentiate Prime Buchholz from other investment consulting firms by better telling its brand story of mission-aligned investing both on the web and in its supplemental marketing materials and to do so with a more modern, updated aesthetic. Since then, Stout Heart has also helped Prime Buchholz develop a branded, UX-focused interface for its custom client portal.


Digital | Traditional

Franklin Savings Bank has been a mainstay in the New Hampshire banking industry since its incorporation in 1869. Stout Heart partnered with Franklin Savings Bank and supported ongoing marketing efforts throughout the course of several years. This included holistic marketing strategy, annual reports, digital banner campaigns, print ads, branding support, and radio spots, among many other marketing and advertising tactics.

Meet the Stouthearted

Bravery is a world rarely associated with the advertising industry. Yet it is, unequivocally, essential to leadership. In fact, Aristotle famously called courage the “first virtue”.

The advertising agency world has changed significantly in the last decade, exposing the scarcity of this important quality. Uncertainty has perforated the agency-client relationship. Agencies, driven by fear, fall into a pattern of reactionary action, doing as they are told, rather than consulting with clients as equals and partners. Stout Heart is founded on the principle that bravery and spirit can turn the status quo of the advertising agency world on its head.

More often than not, advertising agencies are founded by creative people. Stout Heart’s founder is an account service professional by trade and instinct and, because of this, the agency’s model is relationship-oriented and business-minded. And, since the best creative work begins with comprehensive, solid planning, Stout Heart’s creative output flourishes from this sable foundation.

What Makes Us Different

Expert personnel. Stout Heart strives to put the best people under one roof. This means experienced agency personnel with positive attitudes and egos that are checked at the door. Our teammates have a genuine passion for problem solving and are a pleasure to work with.

Small by choice. Where many agencies seek to grow indefinitely, Stout Heart is small by design. This enables us to provide personalized service to a limited, but carefully chosen, client list. Stout Heart’s smaller size keeps us flexible and nimble- a significant benefit to our clients.

Process. An agency founded by account service professionals is an agency founded in process. In an attempt to keep agency and clients on the same page, Stout Heart has a well-established process that hasn’t lost its ability to adapt to individual client needs.

Work. Creative, well-executed work is our priority. We like a challenge and we tackle each and every one as an opportunity to bring an outside-of-the-box solution to the world.