An Update: 5 Best Coffee Shops in Portsmouth

Apr 19, 2019

The times they are a-changin’. It’s been almost two years (two years!!!) since our last post on the best coffee shops that our growing town of Portsmouth, NH has to offer and since the evolution of our city continues on, so must we. When we need a break from our work, it’s time for the Stouthearted to venture out.

Two of our crew’s favorite spots, Profile Coffee Bar and the legendary Breaking New Grounds have since closed their doors. We mourn the loss of their caffeine and are doing our best to move on. When 3PM rolls around and you need a burst of energy or a bit of sugar, Portsmouth’s coffee scene still has plenty to offer. Here’s where we’re grabbing our cups of coffee these days…


5. Caffee Kilim and Market

Look for: The quirky cappuccino art

Where: 163 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH

When: 6:30 –7 Mon–Sat, 7:30–6 Sun

Caffee Kilim is a favorite among locals and rightly so. It’s a standby for many of us. Their coffee is commendable but even better is the shop space itself. The interior reflects the café’s Turkish heritage and, though busy, the decorations make the shop feel immediately warm and inviting. Even better, the attached store features all manner of Turkish treats and trinkets, and is neatly separated from the seating area so as to preserve the café’s ambiance.


4. Cup of Joe

Look for: Oat milk latte

Where: 31 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

When: 6:30AM- 8:00PM Mon- Thurs, 6:30AM- 11:00PM Fri- Sat, 7:00AM- 8:00PM Sun

One of the first spots to offer oat milk in town, Cup of Joe broke onto the Portsmouth coffee scene with pizzazz. The atmosphere of the cafe is cozy and lovely and the staff is incredibly friendly. On top of that? They also have… a bar! Take your beverages from day to night easily in this spot.


3. White Heron

Look for: The Tchaikofsky (a creative coffee–chai combo)

Where: 601 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH, or 15 Portwalk Place, Portsmouth, NH

When: 7–6 Mon – Fri, 7–5 Sat, 9–4 Sun

Now that White Heron has teamed up with Dos Amigos and has a second location in downtown Porstmouth, we’re leveling them up on our list. Not only is their chai unbelievable, they make an awesome match latte, and a great regular latte, they also sell amazing coffee beans and teas, and have phenomenal vegan treats. Their downtown location is also offering yummy breakfast burritos and for that we will be forever grateful.


  1. Kaffee Vonsolln

Look for: The German pastries

Where: 79 Daniel St, Portsmouth, NH

When: 7:30AM- 6:00PM Mon – Fri, 8:00AM- 6:00PM 5:30 Sat – Sun

Kaffee Vonsolln holds strong on our list. This German café is still a Stout Heart staple and a go-to for something quick and strong. They also have an excellent hot chocolate. Now that Breaking New Grounds has closed, Kaffee Vonsolln has been more packed, making it less of a work spot and more of a social one. We’re glad to see that the locals are keeping it busy!


  1. Elephantine Bakery

Look for: A cappuccino and the best almond croissant of your life

Where: 10 Commercial Alley No. 2, Portsmouth, NH

When: 8AM- 5PM, Closed Tuesdays, 9AM- 3PM Sundays

Elephantine Bakery opened in late 2018 to our collective delight. We’ll be totally transparent- while their coffee is excellent, our love for Elephantine is driven by carbs and aesthetics. The bakery itself is a magical place. You’ll feel like you stumbled across a Parisian gem in the middle of New Hampshire. And the baked goods. Apple tarts. Caramelized Onion Foccacia. Madeleines that melt in your mouth. If your cup of coffee needs to be kept company by a treat, this is the place to be. You’ll thank us. And the best form of thanks? Bring us a croissant.


Honorary Mention: Native Coffee + Kitchen

Native isn’t downtown so it’s not easy for the Stouthearted to access on a regular basis but it still has a special place in our hearts. They make a great coffee and have the best avocado toast on the New Hampshire Seacoast. They take online orders, so don’t hesitate to order ahead if you don’t have time to hang!