B Corp

What does it mean to be a mission-driven marketing agency?

We are fantastic at what we do. Need a brand refresh, website design, or a marketing plan? We will nail it. But the reality is, there are thousands of smart, strategic, and talented advertising agencies out there to choose from. What makes us truly different is what we are at our core.

We are committed to producing branding and marketing work that has a positive impact on our community and our environment and to creating a workplace that improves the lives of our people.

Stout Heart was created as a way for marketing professionals to work in this industry without compromising morals or integrity. We see this role as a stewardship.

Want to learn more about what we’ve been doing to walk the walk? Check out our most recent Annual Impact Report.

Stout Heart became a certified B Corporation in April 2023.

Certified by B Lab, the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities, and the planet, B Corp certification is one of the most demanding certifications, evaluating brands’ social and environmental impact, with questions on governance, workers, communities and impact on the environment. 

The minimum score needed to attain B Corp status is 80 (the average score for organizations that are assessed for B Corp status is 50 points).

A special thanks to the University of New Hampshire’s B Impact Clinic, with whom Stout Heart worked with on the B Certification journey.

What is B Corp Certification?

What does being a B Corp mean for a marketing agency like Stout Heart?

Stout Heart has woven ethics into its mission since its inception. As a marketing agency, we believe that it is possible to lead by example and expect our clients to do the same.

  • We care for our people. They are our greatest asset and what makes Stout Heart an agency with heart.
  • We give back to our local community via time, money, and support.
  • We are a proponent of ethical sourcing on behalf of our clientele.
  • We implement positive environmental management policies.
  • We view our work with our customers as a stewardship, ensuring quality of work, ethical marketing, privacy, and various feedback channels.

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