Best Brew Overview: The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Portsmouth

Aug 07, 2017

Stout Heart is no stranger to office outings and any given afternoon you may find us smoothie-slurping at Fresh Press or devouring delectables at Byrne and Carlson (#treatyourself am I right?) somewhere in our home, Portsmouth, NH. Fresh air and a brisk walk (in pursuit of a good nosh) provides the perfect shot of energy and, better yet, good ol’fashioned office bonding. But sometimes the best nosh to pursue is as simple as a cup of coffee.

Portsmouth may be a small city but its coffee scene rivals that of any Boston or Portland. Whichever direction you turn, you’ll find yourself facing an overwhelming number of options. Stout Heart narrowed these down to our top 5 so next time you decide to embark on your own office outing (or need a morning mood-booster) you’ll know just where to go.

  1. White Heron


Look for: The Tchaikofsky (a creative coffee–chai combo)

Where: 601 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH

When: 7–6 Mon – Fri, 7–5 Sat, 9–4 Sun

White Heron offers signature brews with accompanying tasting notes, as well as a complex array of teas, smoothies, and scrumptious “healthy” desserts. The shop itself is bright and open and their storefront is brimming with goodies. They may feel a little bit more out of the way but their many offerings and well-curated interior certainly make up for it.


  1. Caffee Kilim and Market


Look for: The quirky cappuccino art

Where: 163 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH

When: 6:30 –7 Mon–Sat, 7:30–6 Sun

Caffee Kilim is a favorite among locals and rightly so. Their coffee is commendable but even better is the shop space itself. The interior reflects the café’s Turkish heritage and, though busy, the decorations make the shop feel immediately warm and inviting. Even better, the attached store features all manner of Turkish treats and trinkets, and is neatly separated from the seating area so as to preserve the café’s ambience.


  1. Profile Coffee Bar


Look for: The (accurate) tasting notes for each coffee blend

Where: 15 Portwalk Pl, Portsmouth, NH

When: 6:30–6 every day

Profile is a little slice of peace; the spot is popular but never overcrowded and makes for the perfect place to park yourself and get some work done. Their interior is wooden, open, and lively, and the moment you enter you’re greeted by warm winds of butter, biscuits, and blends. Blends—Profile’s crowning glory. They offer in-house specialties and brews from across the globe (each of which is distinct and delicious), as well as Chemex pour over, cold brew, and spiked coffee.


  1. Kaffee Vonsolln


Look for: The German pastries

Where: 79 Daniel St, Portsmouth, NH

When: 7:30–5:30 Mon – Fri, 8–5:30 Sat – Sun


This German café is a Stout Heart staple and our Director of Digital, Bill, has become a faithful regular. His go-to? The Oreo Mint Chocolate Latte. Kaffee Vonsolln offers a plethora of coffee confections, from Bill’s usual to the Raspberry Mocha to the Frappe Freeze, but black coffee devotees, do not despair, they make a very respectable roast which can satisfy even the bitterest of palates. They have blends from Papua New Guinea all the way to Rwanda and take pride in their fresh roasted coffee.

  1. Native Coffee + Kitchen


Look for: The Nitro Brew Affogato

Where: 25 Sagamore Rd, Rye, NH

When: 7–4 every day

Native opened just a few weeks ago but they’ve already established themselves as one of the best spots in town (although, if we’re all being honest here, they’re technically in Rye). The inventive menu mirrors the thoughtfully curated interior, which is balanced and modern. Their basic coffee is impressive but the real draw is their silky smooth nitro cold brew and ever-changing kombucha options. Their matcha latte also deserves much applause.



Honorary Mention: Book & Bar


Book & Bar isn’t necessarily known for their coffee but that’s because what makes them stand out is the experience they provide. True to name, Book & Bar’s café (and bar) is nestled among a library of sorts. Bring your own book or borrow one of theirs, curl up with a piping cup of chamomile rooibos, and let the day comfortably wash by. Maybe it’s not the perfect place for a quick jaunt to and from the office but it makes for a mighty fine way to spend a Saturday.