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Stout Heart created the Susan Gorman website and was then asked to help Susan Gorman build her Instagram following. The goal was to attract clients and eventually build her following to propel her toward influencer status with hopes that it would result in a book deal. Stout Heart was involved from the very beginning of Susan’s Instagram account and continues to manage it on a daily basis, helping Susan with everything from the creation of content to educating her on how to best set up Instagram stories. In the past eight months, Stout Heart has grown her following to over 750 and Susan reports that there has been a substantial uptick in appointments and event attendance since Stout Heart got involved.

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Influencer Marketing_Social
Influencer Marketing_Social
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“Incase you were wondering if there have been an uptick in appointments since working with Stout Heart, yes, there certainly have been.”

Susan Gorman